This page will introduce the most ardent touring bicycle rider to a product that is intended to provide comfort and relief while the many kilometres are being traversed by bicycle. Our street bicycle seatcovers come with a reflective tape across the rear of the seat for safety - either in neon yellow or neon orange. For your home exercise bicycle, a lambskin seatcover provides comfort while you pedal your time away.

Wool provides relief in warmer times from the added moisture that you may create while cycling. Wool has the ability to absorb, keeping you cooler and drier. During cooler times, wool is able to insulate you from the elements. Our Lambskin is selected premium quality that is washable. Getting wet in the rain will not harm the skin, just air dry and be ready for your next ride.

#3511 10 Speed style seatcover
#3515 Touring style seat cover
#3847 Exercise Bicycle seatcover, small, approx. 11"L x 10"W

Exercise Bicycle seatcover. Schwinn Airdyne

#3866 Exercise Bicycle saddle cover, medium, approx. 12"L x 12"W

Each saddle comes with an elasticized black nylon skirt to make putting it on or off easier.


Bicycle Seatcovers