Hi-Temperature Medical Sheepskins

This medical grade sheepskin has had additional processing (compared to the regular grade medical sheepskin) to enable it to be washed and dried at higher temperatures. One of the required specifications for a hi-temp medical sheepskin to claim to be an Australian Medical Sheepskin, it MUST be washed once in the tannery before leaving. This washing returns the natural crimp back to the wool fibres, causing them to stand upright, to create improved cushioning. Washing the skin removes some of the lustre of the fleece. These skins can be washed up to 80°C. This temperature makes it viable for institutional settings to maintain this product for their clients, and to re-use it with another one.

Wool has the natural ability to absorb moisture up to 33% of its own weight. It cushions and provides comfort. Dense wool fibres assist in the distribution of weight and alleviate pressure points. Enjoy its benefits through all seasons. Air can circulate through the fibres, wicking the moisture to the atmosphere. Wool reduces shear (friction) problems.

NB: Your initial washings at high temperatures will see some dye loss. Rinse in cold water immediately afterwards to help set the colour.

To launder, use a mild detergent, hair shampoo, WoolskinŽ detergent, or soap (without enzymes or bleach). By machine, use the "wool wash" cycle to wash for 2-3 minutes in a warm or hot setting. Rinse, spin, and either hang to dry or tumble dry on a warm setting. Daily airing or a shake outdoors will assist in keeping your sheepskin fresh. When being used as a medical pad, it is suggested to launder the skin monthly. Smaller soiled spots can be sponged off and towel dried. At home, one is not able to take advantage of the sanitizing feature of these skins as home hot water temperatures are not high enough to sanitize. For institutional settings, there is a prescribed process to wash these skins so that they can be sanitized.

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Side view, tannery washed medical sheepskin, restores crimp
(natural wave) and loft in wool, fosters cushioning for added
comfort & relief.


#8118 - Hi-Temp Medical Sheepskin

Wheelchair Pads
#8515 - 16" x 16"
#8516 - 16" x 18"
#8517 - 18" x 18"

WoolskinŽ, 500ml/5L


#8721 - Elbow Protectors
(sold as pair)

Crutch Pads
#8716 - Lower (Sold as pair)
#8717 - Set of 4 pcs (8716+8718)
#8718 - Upper (Sold as pair)

Wheelchair Armrest Pads
#8511 - 11"
#8514 - 14"


#8726 - Heel Protectors
(sold as pair)

#8767 - Coccyx Pads
(sold as pair)


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